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EZ Pro Delivery does Hot Shot Runs during business hours M-F 8:00 am to 3:00 pm throughout Michigan same day.

Also when contracted EZ Pro Delivery does Hot Shot Runs 24/7 throughout Michigan same day delivery. 

For large deliveries, EZ Pro Delivery has a 16 ft box truck with a lift gate and a cargo van.

  • Priority Deliveries STAT
    Medical, blood, surgery items, lab specimens, and prescriptions.


  • On-Demand Special Runs
    Available in Michigan. A contract is required outside of normal business hours.

  • Legal
    Legal documents to court houses and Attorney inter-office.

  • Emergency Dry Ice Deliveries

        Available 24/7 for power outages in Michigan.​

EZ Pro Tracking System

With our automated web-based tracking system you can expect quality efficient deliveries. On the same day our services are requested, we provide secure access to our website for precise real-time tracking information.

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