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EZPro Delivery

Owner’s Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide  a Medical Supply, Warehouse and Delivery Service that would provide Stat Runs, Medical Supplies and Warehousing on call 24/7.

To have our service reach all Medical facilities who need a great service, I needed to build a relationship that the medical field, hospitals, clinics and their associates could depend on.

I wanted to build and create a great service that no other medical facility offered. We aim to exceed expectations.

I want the people working for EZ PRO Delivery to feel and give the same. We would be the best personalized delivery team throughout the U.S. I wanted to make a difference in the medical society all over the world. Today we are like a mini ambulance on the road. Every run we make we take serious. Imagine how it feels when we are asked to do a Triple Stat Run. The Patient is on the operating table, the Hospital is depending on our service, and we are able to deliver surgery trays, supplies, blood and labs within minutes because of the great team and service delivery system we built.

To know we might have had a part in saving someone’s life…Wow! I love the job we do and the people who work with me to achieve it. Just knowing that when I franchise, that others will be doing the same, reaching out all over the world with a great medical service and I was a part of this. I can say that my life is fulfilled.”

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