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Ez Pro Delivery car
EZ Pro Delivery car

EZPro Delivery

Providing Michigan with Special Delivery Options for Legal, Medical, 24/7 Stat Runs, Hot Shot Specialty Needs, Dry Ice Supplies & Warehouse Storage.

Dry Ice Production & Delivery are available. Learn more here. 

M-F 8 am-3 pm. Call for 24/7 Service.


*Same Day Delivery for Stat Runs, Hot Shot, Dry Ice.

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About Us

Our mission is to provide a Medical Supply, Dry Ice Products, Warehouse, and Delivery Service that would provide Stat Runs, Medical Supplies, and Warehousing on call 24/7. To have our service reach all Medical facilities that need a great service, I needed to build a relationship that the medical field, hospitals, clinics, and their associates could depend on. I wanted to build and create a great service that no other medical facility offered. We aim to exceed expectations. I want the people working for EZ PRO Delivery to feel and give the same. We would be the best-personalized delivery team throughout the U.S. I wanted to make a difference in medical society all over the world. Today we are like a mini ambulance on the road. Every run we make we take seriously. Imagine how it feels when we are asked to do a Triple Stat Run. The Patient is on the operating table, the Hospital is depending on our service, and we are able to deliver surgery trays, supplies, blood, and labs within minutes because of the great team and service delivery system we built. To know we might have had a part in saving someone’s life…Wow! I love the job we do and the people who work with me to achieve it. Just knowing that when I franchise, others will be doing the same, reaching out all over the world with great medical service and I was a part of this. I can say that my life is fulfilled.”


What We Can Do For You

Available 24/7 to provide Medical Supply, Warehouse and Delivery Service.

Dry Ice Production & Delivery

Purchase dry Ice directly from our storefront in Saginaw, MI located at 300 Ames St in Saginaw, MI 48602
Contact us today at (989) 497-9210

5/8 inch 16 mm dry ice pellets

1/8 in 2.9 mm dry ice rice pellets for blasting

16 ft box truck for large deliveries

TSA, Hazmat, and DOT certified


What Customers Say About Us

Rise T.

I needed dry ice for my cold cap during my chemotherapy. I couldn't ask for better customer service and a bargain for their premium product! Thank you so much for helping me during such a hectic and scary time in my life ❤️.

Airica J.

Ez pro couriers are always dependable and friendly. I called and the  office staff is extremely helpful and just amazing too work with. They always have dry ice on demand and will go out of their way to make sure their customers get ice and deliveries asap.

Tim L.

I had a great experience with EZ Pro. Just like their name, it was easy & their driver was very professional. Would definitely use them again.

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